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Lolita's and Their Rooms

Hello you guys! A  whilte back I saw a post on Lolita bedrooms, you may have changed a few things since then or added new stuff ect..
Me and my fiance have recently re-decorated to brighten up our room and also to show both our tastes in Gothic and Lolita. Now it dosent look like much at the moment but we're adding things as we go along. I have a few pictures below. The main colours are black, silver, antique cream and white. Since I've taken the photos with my laptop some areas are too dark to take photos at the minute, also the laptop was on the bed, so there's no picture of that yet, but the bedding is black satin. My fiance has alot of gadgetry in here too LOL flat-screen tv, games console, laptop, lightsabers XD loads of speakers for surround sound and various other portable media players as well as radio and sattelite transmission stuff (I don`t know what half the buttons do) lol.. or why he needs it.. but since my clothing takes up most of the wardrobe I guess we`re evan.. lol.. He has a lot of ornements too, mainly silver candle sticks and such but we don`t have much shelf space as yet.. it`s something we need to add when we find a suitable gothic, antique or rokoko style we both like..We have lots of cute furry animals around that I like to cuddle and talking hearts hehe my fiance likes them too becuase he says there fun and his nephews love them too. So you guessed it this post is about rooms. What does your room look like?  :D  What curiosaties lurk in your room? XD

In this pic you can see our combination gothic lolita curtains, The`re silver shot satin and black velvet.. on the side is Flopsy.. our fluffy tv antenna holding a cutesy shop card where you can buy some great wigs.. the side draws are gonna be replaced soon hopefully, we both hate brown ! unless it`s antique or outside.. cheap laminates Er ! : $

In This one is our wardrobe which  we bought from a second hand shop for 20 pound.. Bargain !! we sanded it down and painted it white, It was brown but we mainly bought it for the style not the colour.. cuter in real life and gives the room much more light.. hiding behind it is my fiance`s indoor antenna array.. which we`re both glad we cant see much of.. lol..

Here we have Sealie, Big Sealie and Bunny ! lol.. we both love animals and these were bought from an RSPCA shop which supports animals.. Big sealie with the red bunny eared hoodie on, my fiance made years ago at school when all males HAD to do textiles and home economics.. I`m glad he can sew too.. The bottles we found in a charity shop which sells just ornaments and books and they`re a reproduction of  antique perfume bottles which would cost you more than a moite dress ! Although an original antique like this would be great.. I`ll settle for the reproduction for now cause I WANT THAT DRESS ! lol.. Also in this picture you can see my fiance`s samuri sword hanging in it`s carry bag.. This is made of 440 Stainless steel and what they call a live blade, yes it is sharp ! It`s also the same design as a well respected sword maker in japan who`s swords sell for over 8000 pound each ! Of course he wants one ! : ) and he can use it too ! He`s also licenced to have it as well and carries a life time licence and membership signed by Mas Oyama of the international federation..


Here is my picture of my gorgeous fiance in a equally gorgeous (correction) really nice antique silver frame, I have this on a black side table next to the bed. We bought this form a lil old women, who has a shop with all sorts of stuff :-) supporting her business as she don't earn much. 

I have some porcelain Victorian Leonardo dolls, but there kept packed away safe and protected for now due to lack of shelf space. My fiance is also going to customise his digital photo frames with antique silver frames,  when he finds a suitable one to do it with as well as getting a new media unit which fits in with the styles we like .. The Flat screen he wants to frame in an old antique mirror frame sometime so when it`s switched of it looks like a black mirror.. He really wants a bedroom that looks like the lost boys cave with a hint of time travel weirdness where it doesn`t look like there is much technology but it`s packed with it, Kind of steam punk but gothic lolita style.. Yes it`s possible to create any kind of image or Idea for your rooms, Just be creative and also think outside the box it`s amazing what can be done and what you can use to do it.. with..

Anyway, I hope  you've enjoyed this, can't wait to see your pictures and curiosities !
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