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Unusual but awesome Walmart find

So I was in Walmart today working on spending a gift card I've had since Christmas, and I found the last loliable item I'd ever expect to find in a Walmart.

Yes, a coffin ring. I found it on a display with some Twilight merch- this isn't official Twilight stuff, it looks like it's a line Walmart did to cash in on the popularity (other stuff said "I love Vampires," "I love werewolves" etc). It's $5 and comes in a set with some drippy heart earrings (which aren't my style, but would probably work with punk Lolita pretty well), and the only downside is that it only seems to come in a size 7 and purple (also it's cheap jewelery, so spray with sealant first, etc). Still, if anyone's been hunting for a coffin ring, this is probably the best deal you can find on one now.
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