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This pack really WAS Enchanted for me! :D

I finally went to get my BTSSB Enchanted shoes pack todayyyy! Wanna see what I got? :3
Ok, so I was really worried that I would get crap shoes that I wouldn't like in CRAZY colours. I usually am not one for lucky packs as I have a really bad luck with this kind of thing...
Buuuut, the price was too good to pass up. So I bought one. :D

So after my e-check cleared (what felt like an eternity), they gave me my tracking number and I was waiting for it yesterday. But, Canada post is awesome crap, and they charged me $52.17 for customs. :/

Really though, SO worth it. (And actually it was kinda cute, the lady at the post office was almost at excited I was and she was curious too, so I opened it there, and she drooled over the shoes too. Lol.)

Ok, here's what I got!

Seriously, this box is HUGE. Lugging it home after I went to pick it up was kinda tough. :/

Sorry it's blurry, but this is what greeted me when I ripped open the box.

Pair of boots number 1! OMG, when I saw these, I had a spaz attack. These were one of the pairs that I reallllly wanted. And in white, I'm able to use them more frequently than any other colour. They're so cute up close. <3

Pair of boots number 2! I thought I was looking wrong at first, but I totally DID end up getting 2 pairs of boots! :D I was so excited. I LOVE boots. And these were one of the other pairs that I realllly wanted. I was a bit worried at first that they wouldn't fit, but even with my larger calves they still zipped up smoothly and laced up with no problem! I was pretty damn excited.

And then, as if I wasn't already happy enough, they sent me a tote bag, AND a calendar! How sweet eh?

All in all, I am deliriously happy with my set. They arrived without and problems. I might have preferred having them in boxes, rather than wrapped in plastic, but at the same time, that cut down on shipping so I kind of appreciate the thought. They arrived well packed with tissue around them, and IN the boots as well to keep the shape, and of course the tags were still on them. I would TOTALLY buy again! And I'm glad I finally have something to compare to for their shoes. (These are my first BTSSB shoes!) :3
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