Leigha (annonnie_mighty) wrote in egl,

wearing casual lolita in rio de janeiro, brasil?

i have a question for lolitas who live in or have been to brasil. i am visiting a family friend who lives in 'downtown rio.'  i have never been. i was told by friends and family alike that crime is really horrible and as a foreigner who doesnt speak the language, i could be mugged / kidnapped / whatever. my uncle who was in brasil for business (but no in rio) said that he had to have a security team with him anytime he left his hotel.

so after hearing this, i want to ask i am wondering how safe it is for me as a foreigner to wear casual lolita while visiting? i say casual because i dont want to layer too much in a hot climate when i am used to the cold and i am more comfortable wearing casual daily type outfits anyway. is this safe? will i stick out or look like i 'have money'? should i not bring any dresses / printed skirts with me at all and just wear 'normal' clothes like tees and shorts? any comments about this appreciated.

edit; for lolitas in brasil, do people assume you are foreign because of your clothing? does family ever tell you that your outfits are dangerous to wear?
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