uttate (uttate) wrote in egl,

Parcel Nightmare.

 In light of recent scams and dissatisfactions, I am making a post here asking for help with a transaction going on between myself,uttate  and yissan . 

I made a sale Post on January 11th 2010
 and sold the LL tea party shoes to yissan  and shipped the shoes on January 14th 2010.  This was my second time shipping overseas. The last time I shipped, it went smoothly and the parcel arrived quicker than I was quoted, 3 weeks. So I picked the same shipping and was again quoted 6-8 weeks. There was no insurance and no tracking. I contacted the buyer and notified her, her item was shipped  A few weeks passed and the buyer contacted me telling me there are no shoes. I told her it was still early and that the Canada Post was sometimes slow, but I told her to contact me after 4 weeks if the situation had not changed. I also told her if she wanted to, she could open a paypal dispute with me to keep a formal communication of the situation open, she refused. We have now contacted each other (her more than me) numerous time and the situation had not changed and the 8 weeks have longed passed and now I don't know what to do.  She is asking for a refund and that if she gets the shoes she will refund me. I don't feel comfortable with this situation. I then had found there were letter bombs in Israel not too long ago on February 22 news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/8529025.stm  that yissan had not known about and I though maybe that what's delaying the parcel but apparently a person at the post office has informed her this would not affect her parcel.

I don't want this situation to get resolved and wanted some help.We are dealing with the post office in Israel so any help or information would be great

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