sucrose2071 (sucrose2071) wrote in egl,

classical lolita being called "victorian lolita"

So, last year I was at a local anime convention and there was a little lolita tea party. Most of the people there were cosplay lolitas though, so it was kinda funny and also pretty sad, but what should expect from a little desert town in the middle of nowhere? XD So anyway, the people in charge were giving out awards for the different types of lolita and "victorian lolita" was one of the categories which my friend who was wearing classical lolita won. Multiple times around I've heard otaku and cosplayers call classical lolita that. I've never heard anyone who is actually in the lolita community call it that. I was wondering if it really is just a term that otaku use or is it another word for classical that just isn't used as much by the real lolitas.

lol and I also found it funny that one of the girls working there (she wasn't even in lolita, fyi) accused me of not knowing that lolita isn't cosplay! XD sure, I was wearing bodyline, but it was worn properly unlike the majority that was shiny mini skirt-wearing cosplayers XDD
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