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Wardrobe woes + model identification

Hi there,

I've been trying to build a wardrobe and a wishlist inventary for a long time, however I am unable to find all the pictures I need. I was wondering if you could help me finding the ones listed under here, I'd really appreciate it!

  • Baby, The Stars Shine Bright Sweet Check skirt (pink)
  • Angelic Pretty Strawberry Millefeuille JSK / skirt (black)
  • Innocent World Merry-Go-Round skirt (bordeaux)
  • Metamorphose Temps de Fille Room print JSK (black / pink)

What I have but don't have in my wardrobe inventary:
  • AP Bunny Diamond OP (sax blue)
  • AP cross-ribbon socks (pink x white x white lace) (these but in the other colourway)
  • AP detachable-sleeves bolero (pink) (this one)
  • BTSSB Tartan JSK with pockets (blue)
  • BTSSB plaid jacket + beret set (pink)
  • BTSSB rectangular headdress (black) (this one)
  • [info]faunkegin  merry-go-round necklace
  • Innocent World Emblem JSK (normal version, brown)
  • Swimmer short polkadot bloomers (mint x white) (this model)
  • Swimmer Marie-Antoinette bag
  • Swimmer carousel vynil tote bag
  • Swimmer carousel earrings
I have a bunch of stock pictures saved in my harddrive if you need any help with yours. :)


I am also really curious to know the name of this particular model - she has long brown hair, is definitely a foreigner and she's kind of waif-y looking. Usually models for BABY and I think she modeled for Deorart

OH here she is, took me ages to find scans as my description seemed vague:

I think she's gorgeous *-* Her silhouette and face are quite unconventional imo. Not the typical 'doll' look (not like you can see it much here, but when she's in lolita she looks really sweet), but still appreciable. I wish she was featured in the GLBs more often.
I have lots of pictures of her in my other computer. She modelled for this 4-style series photoshoot in the Mode Girl, I believe, pink onepiece, and she modelled a few fancy Baby pieces (I think it was a big hime dress?) afaik.

Thank you for helping!

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