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Hair Bow Tutorial

 How-To-Make Hair Bow Tutorial.

Ok here is a simple way to make a hair bow

Step 1 - You will need fabric (1 or more colors), needle and thread, head band (skinny ones are the best), and hot glue.
Step 2 - You can have more than one bow, I made two. Cut the size you want (remember that your bow will be half the size you cut) Each bow that goes on top of the other will have to be smaller than the last, so the front bow will be the smallest.

Step 3 - Hold long ways (like a hotdog) and sew long the side, then turn inside out (if you have a pattern then make sure when your sewing that its on the inside, so when you turn in right side out it will be shown) Do this with all of your bows.

Step 4 - After it has been turned right side out, lay it out and and place the 'fold' in the middle (A), then fold one side to the half mark followed by the same (B) Do this for all bows

Step 5 - Put the bows on top of each othe the way you want them, then fold (A) then sew in the middle of the bow and knot it. (I like to wrap the thread around it a few times then push it through then knot it.) (B)

Step 6 - Now this is where the hot gule comes in. In the middle of the head band put a dab of glue, then place the bows on it (try to get it on the thread)

Step 7 - Next take a small strip of fabric and fold it like a pamphlet ( in 3rds), use the glue to hold it. then glue to the bottom of the headband, rght below then glue on top. Wrap the fabric around and and glue to the bottom where you started. (I like to fold it under then glue, so there are no stray strings.)

Hope this helped!

This one is two different colors, and also tacked down with small dabs of got glue

This one is the first one I ever made, and its not tacted down. 

**Sorry but my cam is not the best** XD
Tags: tutorial: crafts

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