ashlee (faunkegin) wrote in egl,

Looking for art~

Looking for images of Angelic Pretty art, such as Sugary Carnival series Ponies, Magic Whip series cupcakes, Cherry Berry Bunny series bunnies, etc.

I know it's super late at night so I probably won't get responses right away, but I'm looking for some Angelic Pretty art close-ups. I've scoured the community and not really found what I'm looking for. I have some smaller-res versions of most of what I'm looking for, but I'd like to see if anyone else has any better versions!

Specifically looking for print/ad art of:
~Sugary Carnival
~Cherry Berry Bunny
~Magic Whip
~Anything with kitties or poodles
~Hearts, stars, or other cute AP graphics
~Anything else you may have!

Sorry for being a bother. Thank you for your time! <3

Tags: request: art
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