Shin (shincaru) wrote in egl,

Suppurate System is still being wank

Many of you will be familiar with my ongoing problems with Suppurate System.

Suffice to say, it is now March 10 and I still do not have my LP.

- If Canada customs held my package since it shipped on Jan 20, it should be here by now.
- I have quadruple-checked the information I gave Suppurate for shipping and it is all correct and accounted for.
- I have e-mailed every goddamn e-mail they have on their Japanese and International website, as well as the Inquiry automated forms. Multiple times over the past 2 months. Incidentally, the ss_virtu e-mail they use on the Japanese end regarding bank transfers now bounces e-mails as an invalid address. ¬_¬

At this point I'm thinking my contact attempts are being heavily ignored (or Ryonai/Suppurate is irredeemably shitty in looking at his inbox), and am basically considering my 12,000 yen lost as I cannot get a PayPal dispute opened (way hellishly beyond deadline). What I do want is a resolution, and any further advice to be given appreciated. It's particularly frustrating for me as I know Ryonai is nuttishly active on Twitter, and you can't message him due to privacy settings. D: Someone kindly messaged him for me on his MySpace, but as of yet, no results.

Advice? Anyone with ins on how to get in contact with this damn guy? Has anyone ordered from Suppurate recently (post January 20)?

Any crumb of information would be heavily appreciated. Thank you ahead of time.
Tags: *suppurate system, ordering: shipping, request: advice
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