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Hello there, EGL! For one of my classes, we're doing a topic on subcultures and I'm doing a paper examining the whys and wherefores of Lolita's popularity here in the West. Given the recent surge of attention Western Lolitas have received from the mainstream press and from Japanese brands, I think it's a timely topic and one I'm really, really interested in exploring! I'm hoping to use personal responses in my paper and have created a quick survey - any of you could take the time to fill it out, I'd be very grateful!




When did you first get into Lolita?

What was your first exposure to it?

How long have you been a Lolita/ when do you consider yourself to be be a Lolita?

What about it really appealed to you? (In terms of the fashion and attitude associated with it?)

What is your own personal interpretation of the 'perfect' Lolita?

What is your own personal interpretation of a 'bad'/'ita' Lolita?

Are you active (posting pictures of outfits etc) in online communities? If yes/no, what are your reasons?

What are differences (ideologically, fashion-wise etc) might you have noticed between Japanese Lolitas and Western Lolitas?

Additional comments, questions:

Of course, I'm also plunging into the memories, but would like more up-to-date interviews to work with. Thanks so much for your time!

Edit: Oh lord, that'll teach me to post when I'm running on caffeine and little else. I managed to forget one extra question! Thanks so far to all respondents, I really appreciate it!
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