Ana Aesthetic (missdeth) wrote in egl,
Ana Aesthetic

Steampunk Lolita

Good evening! ^_^

So, this is what happens when I find a fabric that inspires me. I wanted to dress up for the Alice in Wonderland opening night, but was having trouble coming up with a Red Queen design that fancied me. So lo and behold, walking through Hobby Lobby I stumbled upon this wonderful find of pocket watch fabric! So it was decided, I'd finally took a crack at a steampunk inspired Lolita piece. (I think the ONLY thing that makes it steamy is the choice of fabric, but whatevs, I'm happy with it!).

Over the weekend I went up to the mountains of North Georgia and did a shoot with the amazing Matt of Dim Horizon Studios. This is the result:

About this outfit:

Pocket Watch Steampunk Lolita (it really needs a shorter name)
The dress was completely inspired by fabric I found at Hobby Lobby. I originally was going to do a loli Red Queen, but was having difficulty coming up with a design. With a week til the movie, I found this awesome fabric and just knew what I had to do! Everything was drafted, cut and sewn on the dress in one day. The top is fully lined, and has brown leather / lace trim along the princess seams and gold buttons in a double breasted pattern. The underskirt (comprised of 5-tiers!) took about 2 days to complete. It has a rolled hem along the bottom of each tier, which is such a nice finishing effect! The blouse of purchased from Bodyline and got here in like 4 days. The shoes, also, are from them. The necklace was procured at Forever 21, and the pearl bracelet trio from a beauty supply shop by my house.

I will be wearing it at MegaCon this weekend in Orlando, with the addition of a wing pack made by Outland Armour! ^_^
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