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English Charm Petti Review

My Pettis came from English Charm Today ^^

I forgot to take a picture of the box because I was so excited .. oops.

I ordereed two cupcake petticoats in size M , a white and a black one.
In the picture is the black petti , the box and the card that was sent it said.

"Thankyou for your order,
I hope the pettis are
what you need.
Please let me know
if there are any problems.
Thankyou again


The pettis were well packaged with loads of tissue paper and a sturdy box . 5/5
Communication was amazing.She emailed me to tell me that there was a problem with another order so mine would be shipped later on monday instead of thurs , they came this morning the next day.

the price of two pettis including shipping was cheaper than one brand petti.
They came with a care label.
The only problem is that I ordered the wrong size :D
I ordered an M , and it fell right down to the floor when I put it on,
However its not a problem because I just sewed on some belt loops and wear a belt to keep it up =]. Its very comfortable. And not itchy.

Pictures of it worn (this is my first co-ord)





My mum thinks the belt makes it bulky , but its not so noticeable, , Im wearing a leather type studded one , ill get a thin type and it'll be fine =]

Thanks for looking !
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