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What do I do, what do I doo!?

Hi~ I am new to lolita, and I have recently purchased my first lolita item. But I am unsure of where to go from here! I am kind of regretting my decision to buy it (a lovely Metamorphose coat for the holiday season) and so I am asking... do you think I should sell, if I even could sell, or just keep it and try to incorporate it into my wardrobe?

I do like it but... should I sell? Should I keep?

I am new to lolita (in fact this is my first post on the comm, its nice to meet you and thank you very much for your patience with me) and the first item I purchased for my closet was this lovely Meta coat. It didn't come with the fur collar, and it had a bit of damage on one of the heart clasps, but its on the back so you can't even see it when worn! But I feel as if purchasing a piece of outerwear for my first item was a bad decision. I thought that it could be worn casually as well, so it was fine. It was an impulse buy, and now I am kind of regretting it. Since it is no longer the holiday season, I never wear it. And I am wondering if I should just sell it off? (It was also a Christmas gift to me from a boyfriend who is now an ex-boyfriend, so I wouldn't mind so much it leaving my closet.)

Though I would like to try to build an outfit around it. Off-white and red shouldn't be too difficult, but my main concern is this: What if the red on the items I buy to match doesn't match the shade of red of the coat!? The shade of the coat is a bit uncommon, and I'm anxious about buying an item specifically to match with the coat I have no coordinates for, and it not being the correct shade to match! Though, honestly, I don't even like the color red so much. And having no reputation in the community, I am worried I would be unable to sell what I purchased of this happens.

So, what do you think I should do? Sell the coat and use the money to establish the basics of my wardrobe? Or keep the coat, and continue building my wardrobe around it? Any advice you could share about this kind of situation would be very, very appreciated. ♥ Thank you!
Tags: garment: coats/capes, request: advice
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