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Mavako is a spanish lolita designer who has a very personal and unique style. She reminds us that lolita is not just reenactment, it implies a lot of creativity to choose what we prefer from each era, and adapt the diferent styles to current time. Her proposals go from pompous skirts with a tea party print to a punk side, combining vichy pink fabric with black lace.

Photo: M.Valls
Makeup: Iki MakeupStudio
Model: Yvette Konan


Her proposals are always risky, and for this reason she gets great results. Mavako’s world are tea parties, candy, dolls (sometimes with a dark side), bright colours with black, the circus… Her last work seems very interesting: it is a unicorn printed skirt with pastel colours, predominates pink and mint green, and it returns us to a fantasy world, and it reminds us that you’re never old enough to be a child again.


Mavako seems to have this interest typical of children who want to try everything: from skirts and shirts to dolls and even candy. She is not just a creative person who makes all the prints handmade, she even encourages us to be creative: she makes shirts with a print in black and white, they go with special pens so we can share our ideas too.

If you like it, you can visit these links:

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