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Gothic Music


Since this months theme is Gothic... I thought I would do a post about The Gothic style and Gothic music... First of all what makes a piece of music Gothic ? If a band were dressed in all the colours of the rainbow LOL.. How would you know if they were Gothic ? Is it their style of dress that makes them Gothic ? Or their style of music ? Or both ? Gothic in itself is Dark,  Romantic and Forboding, it sugests a love of something that is forbidden, forbidden in the sense that it is something you shouln`t except ! a child like lolita who is so obviously isn`t a child anymore for example.. or an image which presents itself as unearthly such as a vampire or ghost like apperishion.. the similarities between general gothic and lolita are much the same yet totally opposite, they are both kind of a taboo.. the innocence of  the lolita`s childlike dress and looks and the goths unearthly dress and mannor.. all these things are born out of the past.. either to hold on to the innocence this world takes from you too quickly or to rise way above and beyond this earth by presenting some thing considered far from it.. 
so does this come across in the music too ? what music takes you beyond this world or takes you back to your innocence ? can you remember when you turned or transformed into a lolita or a goth.. did your transformation come from within or did you aquire it through your music tastes and style.. 

What music do you listen to ? and how does it influence you, your manor,  or your style ?

or does what you wear and what you listen to relect what`s already inside you ?

I listen to a wide variety of music, although most of it is Alternative and gothic.. but for this post though i thought i would  narrow it down to the Japanesse goth or J-Goth bands I listen to.

Blood's aim was to create music that expresses the meaning of human emotion that breaks the musical frame. Their aim then is in itself  what i would call a gothic thought.. going back to what i mentioned earlier..  their idea to break the usual frame of musical composition to express with it their own unique emotions is very much like Griegs way of composing (a very old composer who also went against what was the usual musical frame at the time) also in keeping with breaking the boundries in thier music they also do it with their clothing styles with the bluring of gender.. 

GLKISM   Well, the name GPKISM is very self explanatory, basically means the way of GPK(Gothique Prince Ken). Ironically, it's also a way to mock religious belief system and ourselves.. this quote from the band states their gothic intentions which also comes across in their music..  that is once again.. as i mentioned earlier..  a rising above this earth.. in their case to their god like status which allows them not only to mock religious belief but mock that which was suppossedly created by it.. themselves..

Moi Dix Mois  A Japanese musical project founded by Malice Mizers front, Mana. As part of the visual kei movement it is marked by Mana's selection of guest performers rather than a typical band structure, and exhibits a combination of classical elements of gothic.. once again above that of the earth, gothic and the god like status, It is Mana`s selection of guests, a ecclectic mix of people which avoids the typical accepted structure.. Mana himself rarely speaks.. expressing further his discontent with the world and those in it.. much like gods silence.. 

As you can see from the pictures, the styles vary.. but all hold on to the Dark Romantic Forboading image we`ve all come to call gothic..

Thanks for reading..  there is so much more that could be written here.. a whole book i guess or gothic bible, lol.. but i`m not really one for slaving away with a quill pen over big scrolls of  parchment for people to twist and mis represent what was first said.. or for having a long disscussion about it with a couple of complete strangers who come knocking at my front door... lol...   I`m a gothic lolita and that`s that !

Gothic.. It`s a state of mind..  or more accuratley a state of mine.. 

Hope to hear your view and comments!




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