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Loliable Accessories and Jewellery in High street shops.

Hi ladies! I went into town today and found some VERY interesting Loliable items and there's loads in the shops right now. I'll make a list of some of the places I spotted.

Miss Selfridge: Diva Jewellery Range, just today I bought myself a pink cameo necklace on a gold coloured chain with cute little pearls on reduced from £6 to £1! Can't beat that! Cameos are in at the moment so there's lots of them floating about, some cute ribbon shaped rings, star shaped rings and even some head eating bows on alice bands for the sweeter lolitas! Including some cute little barettes. If you're near a Miss Selfridge, go take a look!

Topshop: I bought myself a pocketwatch necklace and a white rabbit one on blue matt ribbon with matching earrings, they have lots of beautiful cameos again in necklaces and earrings and even some Alice in Wonderland themed jewellery, different colour hair barettes with bows on, they had red, black, white, blue and polkadot and they were £7 for the pair, another one worth a look!

Accessorize: I bought myself the cutest little alice band with a little black bow on today for only £4.00! They even have alicebands with larger bows and mini top hats! Worth a look ladies!

I'll add more later if I find anything else but for now, here's a few places currently selling lovely Loli items.

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