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Misako Meet & Greet Photos + Videos

You know I like to record events :] I recorded with my Ipod while i was there, hope some of the girls dont mind >.<
Please enjoy for those who were not able to make it

      Couple of videos, sorry im knew to my ipod and didnt know which way to hold it ......
 They came out sideways >o< , since I usually dont upload them and use it for school to record my bio class i just look at them there so i didnt know they would turn out this way, i shall improve for the next time (TFF was with my reg cam this was ipod recording)

  The Meet & Greet  was planned for 2pm-4pm or so but do to traffic? or something Misako ended up showing till approximately 4pm!! Lots of loli's were freezing but she did get there and everyone was mroe than excited :D   





   Now for some pics (Everyone is more than welcome to post links to their own if they like to :]   

Spot yourself?

Me & Misako

Thank You Misako <3

 Also Tokyo Rebel has pics up 

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