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Master Post for Tokyo Fashion Festa

Everyone is more than welcome to include links to pictures and videos :]

There are 6 videos uploaded, The show was about an hour long :]

    Ok so eventually my hands were getting tired and its not the best quality video, too bright :/ but i do hope you enjoy it anyways :D got the whole thing.Also there are 5-6 videos of the whole thing, according to youtube each video needed to be 10mins or less so I had to reconvert it again -_-' couldnt make it one long video which suks but still the whole thing XD






     Also they were giving out some AP postcards, i got the SC


Also Misako Aoki

So cute she looks like a porcelain doll


I didnt take many photos but there were lots of lovely ladies in their amazing outfits :] Hope to see other people post

Some pics her friend took (TY) 

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