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Last goddamn resort for Suppurate System

Hey all - some of you may remember my last post detailing my problem getting my Suppurate System LP, and the situation STILL hasn't changed. I'm pulling out my hair in complete and utter frustration about it, and need some help again, hopefully from those of you who have ordered from them on the Japanese end, not the international side.

A week ago I winged off an e-mail (in perfect Japanese no less, getting help from a friend) to BOTH the Suppurate System international website's query form AND the e-mail they set up for accepting orders. I asked for my EMS number (and basically explained WHY I need it and that my package is basically severely overdue), and STILL have not gotten a response. I've even trawled through my spam folder just in case, and I got nada.

I'm deeply fucked off right now because I cannot tell if the package is held up at customs in Canada or was mis-addressed and on its way back to Japan. Canada Post can't help me investigate the package without either the EMS number or the sender calling up the post in Tokyo to initiate the investigation (this is International Post Office Standard for all countries). Suppurate System is not replying, and I can't file a claim/chargeback to recoup the $130 I spent on them as it's way past the deadline (and frankly I do like their stuff and don't want to be that troublesome foreign customer that turns them off doing business internationally).

I found an alternate e-mail on their Japanese website (the one they use to contact Japanese buyers regarding bank transfer payments), and am thinking of e-mailing them there. My question is has anyone in Japan ordered from Suppurate in that method (or know anyone who has) and can provide insight into how quickly they respond to e-mails for Japanese customers?

Alternately, if anyone experienced in purchasing directly from Japanese website businesses can give me insight/etiquette tips for demanding a refund in the event of a no-show parcel, it'd be very appreciated.

And if anyone can think of any other manner of getting in touch with Suppurate (besides the e-mails on their Japanese site), I'd be so grateful. At this point I'm sorely wishing they had an actual storefront somewhere so I could give them a phone call, but e-mail is all I can do. ¬_¬
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