Shin (shincaru) wrote in egl,

Suppurate System missing LP help

Right, so I was one of the many who ordered Suppurate System's New Year's lucky packs from their international site, but have still yet to receive my package.

EMS from Tokyo to Vancouver is 3 days, and Canada Customs does not hold EMS packages any longer than 1 day before setting it out for delivery (a total of 5 working days). It's now well past that. My shipping notification from them says they shipped on Jan 30 (or around then), and now it's basically the 11th. And of course Ryonai did not give out EMS tracking numbers. >:/

I triple-checked the mailing address I gave them and it is correct - the only tweaky thing is that their address input bar had 3 lines, and I skipped one before inputting my city and province (I used line 1 and line 3, leaving line 2 blank). This shouldn't have been a problem.

So my questions are:

1) Is anyone else missing their LPs?

2) Does anyone know what Canada Post's policies are in helping you find packages, e.g. what info they'd need besides a tracking number.

3) Does anyone who did receive their packages still have Ryonai's sender's address? It may help me sort out with Canada Post if there was a balls-up in writing my street address properly and my package is deposited in the 'wut dis address' pile.

4) Anyone know how to write a polite e-mail to them in Japanese regarding this bizarre situation? And maybe suggesting the use of EMS numbers as well, guh.

Any help would really be appreciated.

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