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Quiteland Shopping Service, Rose Melody Rosa Crucifix Skirt, DollscroPs Daily A-Shape Pettie Review.

This review will cover Qutielands Shopping Services from their website, Rose Melody's Rosa Crucifix Skirt, and Drollscrops Daily A-Shape Pettiecoat.

EDIT!: Updated with photos of the items being worn!

Qutieland (Qcute) Services:

I placed an order the very week Rose Melody started taking orders for their Rosa Crucifix Skirt at the end of December. I used their shopping services via their website, which was very easy, quick and convenient thanks to the layout they provide, in which you can choose your sizing option, color, and embroidery options. I actually found I enjoy ordering through their website a bit more than going the course via livejournal and email, although in the past when I have ordered via livejournal and email, it was still a very pleasant experience.

Once the order was places, I received confirmation email of my order. Any questions I had were quickly answered, and as always Billy was very pleasant to deal with.

A short while later, I placed a second order for a DollscroPs Daily A-Shape pettiecoat. Again using their site was very easy, and the whole processes was very wonderful.

When both items were ready to ship I received emails of the shipping date, and with a tracking number for both items. Shipping was only a week or so on both items.

I was lucky enough to miss any delays in the making process and shipping process for both items, and my items both arrived within a week of each other, my pettiecoat arriving today. Both items were well wrapped and protected, and sustained no damages in the shipping process.

Once again my experience using Qutielands Shopping Service was absolutely wonderful. I do highly recommend them!

Communication: 5/5
Shipping: 5/5
Packaging: 5/5
Overall: 5/5

Rose Melody Rosa Crucifix Skirt

I must start buy saying, Rose Melody Rosa Crucifix series this is one of THE most beautiful series I have seen. When I first saw it announced on Qcutes LJ I knew I had to have it, or at least a piece of it. Budget given, I could only afford the skirt, but I must say it was money well spent, and worth every penny.  My camera shots honestly do the piece no justice, so please pardon the bad camera shots.

What was shown on the site:

What I received: (colors do match the photos above, my camera is just retarded)

This skirt, is again, absolutely beautiful. It is made of a quite heavy mix wool fabric, net tulle and Venice lace. Stitching is very well done on this piece, and the embroidery has no flaws what so ever. Despite the heavy fabric, the skirt holds a wonderful shape, all on it's own, without the help of a pettiecoat. The only downside is that the fabric does attract everything, so it is best to keep a lint roller on hand, aside from that, this piece has no flaws.


Lace and tulle


Being worn:
without dollscrop pettie:

With dollscropS pettie

I give this skirt a 5/5 for absolute win, amazing make and quality. Rose Melody once again proves to provide amazing products.

DrollscroPs Daily A-line Pettiecoat

What was shown on site:

What I received:

As mentioned above, I ordered this pettiecoat shortly after ordering the Rose Melody skirt, as I desperately needed a pettiecoat that would fit under all my a-line skirts. I just received this pettiecoat today
, and have only been able to play with it shortly, as I leave for class shortly. However despite that, and only wearing it under a few skirts, I am very impressed. The skirt is made organza skirt, which means it wont lose it's poof like a tulle pettiecoat will, as it relies on all the fabric to hold up the skirt. It held up very well against heavy skirts, like the Rose Melody above, very well. The whole pettiecoat is also very soft and linned, so I do not have to worry about my legs being scratched up when I decide to not wear tights with my outfits.



See pictures above for reference of pettie under a heavy skirt.

Under a lighter material. Bodyline JSK.

Overall I am again very pleased with the item! This is an absolutly lovely pettiecoat that gets the job done, very well. 5/5

I hope this is a helpful review to you all. If you have an questions or request, please let me know!
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