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ATTN: Customers of Mashimaro Girl

Permission given to post by harukoko

Last update: 7 October 2010
Several people have received their items or full refunds and I've updated the list to reflect this. If your problem is solved, leave a reply and I'll remove your information from the list.
For those who have not received any word from Mashimaro Girl, you should email payments[at]mashimaro-girl[dot]com

10 September 2010: MG is sending out packages again. If you received yours, post a reply here so I can update.

Update 16 August 2010:
Thread for appealing to people living near the owners' probable address to seek some action: THIS WAY
Probable personal contact information about the owners can be found in the last few posts of this thread.

A rundown of what has happened so far:
Most of this is info that has been exchanged between me and their staff Kate / K / estradizione . Please note that this not a timeline, just a summary of what has been done.

- Since Mid-January, mashimaro_girl broke off all communication with all of us. The owners Fei & Liang apparently left for China on 20 Jan.

- Fei sent one email to Kate saying she was ill but would be sorting out our orders (which spawned the creation of the list of customers below in a bid to help Fei expedite matters). Obviously, that has not been happening.

- Kate's friend went to mashimaro_girl 's physical storefront in St Louis to check things out, but the staff know little about what's happening. The physical store operates differently from the online service. However, Fei & Liang are expected to be back in Mid-March.

- angrycandies visited Realitea on 13 March and was told that Fei is still stuck in China. She had previously been hospitalized and now the Chinese government is not allowing her to leave the country.

- Kate just received word from the owners on 4 April 2010 that Fei has been hospitalized all this while due to a serious h.pylori bacterium infection. She's not being allowed to travel until the infection is entirely eradicated and the illness has been keeping her away from the computer. They are hoping that the illness will clear up by end April latest. At this point of time, if you have been trying to email them, you may find that your emails are not being responded to. Don't take this personally, as the only person who's answering emails now is Kate and she hasn't been able to reach the owners to supply you with the information you need

- Latest update 8 June 2010: Fei emailed Kate stating that (i) She popped back to the US for a bit and handed a couple of girls their items (ii) Fei is back in China now but she will arrange to do all refunds / shipping end June. (iii) Fei currently has bad internet connection but she has updated the shop email's auto-reply with this information so perhaps you might like to email her to see it.

- Latest update 28 July 2010: Apparently, nobody else had heard about their stuff and mashimarogirl isn't responding to emails again. I really have no words for this situation.

Do note that Kate / estradizione is just their US-based staff and
 a) does not handle the accounts at MG as far as money goes, b) does not have access to the PayPal account associated with the store, c) has not been paid wages since November and has not received items that were ordered for people in a group order d) is incapable of getting the items mailed out.
If it is not too late for you, you are strongly advised to file a dispute and escalate it to a claim if you have not done so. 3 people have received full refunds from Paypal so far.

If it is too late for you to file a dispute and you want to contact them, here's some contact info you can try, although I have to warn you that Kate and I have tried these channels and did not find any to be useful.

Physical location:
1078 Mid Rivers Mall
St. Peters, MO 63376

Shop phone number:
+1 (636) 397-9998

For your info, this location is primarily Realitea, Liang's tea shop. He let his wife Fei put her stock in his shop. That's probably why operations of the tea shop aren't affected even if Mashimaro Girl stock isn't coming in.

I have removed Liang's supposed personal contact info because in light of things, I don't think he will have the time or mood to address your inquiries. Besides, if they were useful, one of you would surely have gotten in contact with him.

Please note that the list was originally made when we assumed that Fei, while ill, would be dealing with our orders. It's been forever since I made this post and nobody has heard about their stuff. Nevertheless, I will still list your info if you post it.

Leave a Comment with the
following format:

LJ username:
Email address: (optional, preferable if you're expecting them to email you)
Paypal transaction ID:

Items ordered

Amount Paid:
Date of payment:
Expected shipping period: (when they promised to ship, or when you told them u wanted it shipped)

Action required:
e.g. Refund me for my purchase, just ship my order asap etc.

Only PAID transactions that have been unaddressed please, and if you're not one of the customers, please don't comment, unless you're a mashimaro_girl  staff, someone who can give us additional info concerning this issue, or a moderator of course.

Please note that I cannot accept PMs or emails. This entire post will just be referred to mashimaro_girl  so they can keep checking as and when there are new additions. I'm not going to wait for everyone to respond before compiling the list, it will just be a waste of time, nor am i going to keep emailing them with the new info; that will just continue to confuse them. So everything in the comments please.

List of Paid Orders Requiring Attention

1) Refunded

2) Refunded

3) angy1990 
Items received

4) crunchi_mochi
Items received

5) Refunded

6)  addictive_sugar
Items received

7) absoluteeffect 
Email address: tessie.niocle gmail com
Paypal transaction ID:

Items ordered
(November 17)
i)Rose Melody two peice set
ii) RM Cameo Necklace
iii) RM Canival SK
iV) R-Series Parasol
(Nov 30)
v) R-Series High waisted Skirt
(Dec 17)
vi) custom sizing fee
Amount Paid: $356 (268 +76+12)
Date of payment: Nov 17, Nov 30, Dec 7
Expected shipping period: "ASAP" on Jan 18th

Action required:
I want my damn order.


9) klanaide 
Items received

10) mirienne 
Items received

11) knives_outx
Item received

Email address: medley83[at]hotmail.co.uk, paypal address: alistair[at]alistaircarr.wanadoo.co.uk
Paypal transaction ID:

Items ordered
i)Surface Spell Coat
ii) Surface Spell choaker
iii) Surface Spell hair clip

Amount Paid: $197
Date of payment: 26th of December
Expected shipping period: Last update was on 16th of January, saying it would be just over a week.

Action required: I just really want my stuff ;_;

13) chiisaimomo 
Item received

14) miyuloli 
Received items + refund

15) Refunded

16) diane_dreamland and chibihoshita
Received items


18)  suri_gl 
Received items + refund

19) kyttyee 
Receiving full refund from Paypal.

20) dollprincess13 
Items received

21) blubblegum 
Email address: cassedy16[at]gmx[dot]net
Paypal transaction ID: 4AY12880K2317402L

Items ordered
Black Saints Boots, Size 26 cm (color black): http://item.taobao.com/auction/item_detil.jhtml?item_id=20c712cba6dede397e3f61e986570af6&x_id=0db2

Amount Paid: 95USD
Date of payment: Okt. 21st, 2009
Expected shipping period: December 2009

They send me a tracking number long ago, but this number just showed me an order going to grenada, which is not the destination of my package - which should be germany. Mashimaro_girl said they would check with the post office, which is current status since February.

Action required:
just ship my order asap!!

22) mintymuffins 

Email address: midnight.symphony@gmail.com
Paypal transaction ID: #84526118C4025380M

Items ordered
i)Secret Shop Rose Corsage Sandals (Innocent World Replica) - Bordeaux
ii)Lucky Milk Innocent World Jabot Replica - Off white
iii)Lucky Milk Innocent World Jabot Replica - coffee
Amount Paid: 195
Date of payment: September 24, 2009
Expected shipping period: They actually shipped my stuff Dec. 16, 2009 but it got returned to sender. I've been trying to contact them since January.

Action required:
My ordered stuff probably exists since they tried to ship it before. At this point I would love to have a refund but I'd be satisfied with just getting my stuff.
Tags: !attention buyer/seller, !banned sellers/members, !scam alert/possible scam

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