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Dollcrops little deer series review

Dear EGl,
Last week somebody asked for a Little deer review from Dollcrops,
Yesterday I made a bunch of pictures of it,

Communication with the seller;
I ordered this Dress from Qutieland, Ive ordered from her before and she is one of the nicest persons to deal with! She answered all my questions patiently and she always responds within 24 hours.

Ordering with the seller:
It was so easy, just gave her all the measurements, made the payment. All the instructions on the site where very clear.

The seller told me it would be 25 working days but I ordered around christmas and they had a rush of orders so It came down to 33 working days.
But I was fine with it, since they informed me of the status and updates and delay of my items.

I loved the shipping. It only took 4 days to arrive and It was packed very nicely. I cant really remember the price on shipping, but assuming it was around 20 euro's. Im quite used to that price, so it seems pretty fair. I didnt even get hit by customs, thanks to Qutieland. They made sure my package would arrive savely, and they made sure I wouldnt get hit by customs. They marked the item value 15$. Overal I love the shipping, but It was packed just a bit thin, but nothing got damaged, so no complains!

Quality of the item
Lace: 3/5
It was pretty strange, its like stretchy? And it doesnt really look like lace but its not scratchy at all XD Although I really like the pompons.
lace: http://i46.tinypic.com/10i574i.jpg
fabric: 4/5
It was very lovely! Its thick and nice deep black velveteen! although I wouldnt recommend it for -10 celcius, you will be fine just at freezing point :)!
applique: 4/5
It was a very soft and nice applique! Its been made very nice, although I feel like, It could have been so much better! its nice and soft and perfectly. But they didnt cut it out nicely!!! I might try to fix that part... other than that its lovely. Just a minor mistake.
applique: http://i49.tinypic.com/v3du2o.jpg
details: 2/5
I think the overal quality was lovely, but they didnt really make the details fit. The bow was glued on the thing to hold it, it is detachable, but its just, After wearing it fell of, nothing I cant fix but though.
I also with they used better lace and paid attention to cutting the applique. Nevertheless, the pompoms and pearls where lovely! so Is the shape of the bow
damage on bow: http://i45.tinypic.com/ouwfa9.jpg
bow:http: http://i50.tinypic.com/2805hr5.jpg
pompom: http://i48.tinypic.com/2duc8ck.jpg
pearls: http://i50.tinypic.com/footpg.jpg
its also fully lined!!

I gave them my measurements. Its pretty well made!
They got the right measurement, I just lost a few pounds last weeks xD
So its a little big, but nothing to fix with some shirring and belts!
I asked to make the dress about 88, and its perfect. The only complain I have about the size, is that the bodice is way too long! the straps are too long and the bodice is so long it nearly hits my hips. I like it to sit on my natural waist, but its way below. That makes the overal look a bit, hmm less flattering. But Im sure if you ask them to make it shorter you will be fine:)

onto the pictures!
laying on the floor:

showing my face xD

overall im really glad with my buy and I truly love the dress!
I think everything was very smooth and I would definatly buy from them again
It was only 80€ with shipping and everything included.
Overall i would give them a 4,5/5:D

If there are any questions, please ask me and Ill try to answer them:)

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