chiisaimomo (chiisaimomo) wrote in egl,

Buy this.. or wait?

I'm considering buying a jsk and a blouse from anna house..

.. but then I remembered I'm going to nyc in the next few weeks.

So should I save my money for then, on the chance I may see something I love? Or just buy these two things (which happen to part of my dream coordinates, blahh..)

I checked the new york post about where to shop, and I'm planning on going to a few places, but if you know of any other places to find clothing and accessories it would be awesome if you'd post them <3

Silly question, but something I'd like to have other opinions on.  

Edit: Forgot to say, I need my things by march, and if I don't see anything in nyc I may not be able to get these anna house things in time because I need them custom sized D: That's my biggest worry.

Edit x2: and I'm moving to nyc in the summer or fall xD

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