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January theme: makeup tutorial


This will be my first tutorial ever, so please be understanding with the imperfections but do not hesitate to give me any hints and tips on improvement. Here we go! ^^

Start off with cleansing your face and apply your choice of moisturizer. I´m using Lancóme Bienfait Multi-Vital.
Apply your foundation with a sponge, foundation brush or your fingers. I´m using MAC Studio Fix Fluid.
Cover with a concealer if you have any spots or imperfections. (I have lots of them atm) I´m using MAC Studio Finish Concealer.

Set with powder. I´m using MAC Select Sheer pressed powder.

On to the eyes:

Apply an eyeshadow primer over entire eyelid. This helps the eyeshadow adhere and stay on longer. I´m using MAC paintpot in painterly.

Here are the shadows I´ll be using. They´re from the NYX Runway collection pallete called Champagne and Caviar. The first one is a bit more pink irl.

Apply a light pink shimmery shade to entire lid.

Apply a medium brown shade into the crease.

Blend out any harsh lines with a blending brush. If you don´t have one, I really recommend that you get one. I couldn´t live without mine. I use #26 from FACE Stockholm. MAC and Makeup Store has some good ones aswell. Good brushes are essential when it comes to doing makeup.

Apply a dark brown matte shadow to the corner of your eyelid as shown in the picture. This is called the outer V.

Aaaand blend ^^

Now take a soft dark brown eyeliner pencil and draw a thick line on your upper lash line. It doesn´t have to be perfect. I´m using Estée Lauder Kohl Insider Eye Pencil in the color 03 Date.

Take that same pencil and draw a line just in the outer corner of your lower lash line. It should be no more than about 1,5 cm long.

Now smugde out the lines. I´m using a regular sponge brush.

Draw a very thin line with a black liquid eyeliner. Just closest to the upper lash line. I´m using Isadora Precision Eyeliner in True Black.

Curl your lashes.

And apply mascara to both the upper and lower lashes. I use the 2000 calorie mascara in black by Max Factor. 

Fill in your eyebrows with a brow pencil or a shadow that suits you. It should not be too dark as we want the look to be natural. I just use a random light brown eye shadow here.
And the eyes are done! :)

Now to the cheeks!

Crack your biggest smile and apply a baby pink blush to the apples of your cheeks. I´m using MAC mineralize blush in the color Moon River. This was a limited product though and is no longer available. But any light pink blush will do ^^

Apply a light shimmery highlighter to your cheek bones. I´m using the light half of the Moon River blush, but any light shimmery shadow is fine. Vanilla Pigment from MAC is excellent for example.

Now the lips...

Draw your lip line with a bright pink lip liner. I´m using Pale Shrimp lip liner by NYX.

Apply a bright pink lipstick. I´m using NYX Round lipstick in the color Louisiana (Gorgeous color!)

Bite off excess color on a piece of paper ^^

Apply a pink shimmery lipgloss over the lipstick. I´m using one from L.A Colors which I can´t remember the name of and the tag has rubbed off ^^;

And we´re done! Now just do your hair, put on your prettiest dress and you´re ready for a romantic valentines date ^^

Hope you enjoyed! 

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