chii_nya (chii_nya) wrote in egl,

Help: Why Lolita is called Lolita?

Hi everybody!

We were talking about this topic in a Spanish forum ( because a girl was working on a research essay about Lolita, otakus, gals... you know, all the stuff. And the fact is that we realised that we do know it's not after Nabukov's Lolita (or at least the word has not the intention of calling that) but don't know why it's called Lolita. We think it has Western origins as rorita is written in katakana in Japanese, but don't know.

Maybe if you know why or just want to give your opinion, could comment and so I could give some new points of view about the topic to my Lolita partners.

Thank you everybody for all your help in advance =D
Tags: discussion: origins

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