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Your "vintage" lolita brand items?

So, I was flipping through old issues of GLB (vol. 1, 3, 8) and looking back with teary eyes at the good old (okay, maybe not all of it...there were race monsters in early GLBs) days of gothic lolita back in the early 2000s. Plenty of brands have shifted styles, evolved, or simply disappeared since then. Many brands didn't ship overseas back then and shopping services were hard to find or charged high fees. It's changed a lot since, but a lot of the clothing in early GLBs was what got me into lolita in the first place. So I was just wondering:

What "vintage" or older lolita pieces do you own? Specifically, which early brand pieces (say, before 2005~2006?) do you own? I'm kind of curious to see how many items and which brands that were previously impossible or difficult to get are now in the possession of happy overseas owners.

Okay, so 2005 isn't necessarily old; lolita clothes have changed quite a bit since then though.
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