saiyamoru (saiyamoru) wrote in egl,

TinierMe Gothic Lolita Showcase

So, it seems that the folks over at are going to be showcasing Gothic Lolita style in one of their Gachas until the 21st of January~
Does anyone on egl play Tinierme? What do they think of the items that are up?

And on a related note, has anyone been to the forums to check out the 'Gothic Lolita Lovers' group that's popped up?
(Because...oh dear...not to be rude, but this is looking more and more like it calls for an intervention.
One of the responses in the "Do you like to make your own loli style?" thread went like so: "yes i love to design my own loli kinda a cross between all and otakuness xD i love to animafy my lolita lol." Ohdear.)

Anyways, tinierme lolitas report in! WE GOTTA REPRESENT! -chest thump, knuckle-kiss, peace sign-

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