momosugarhime (momoco) wrote in egl,

Bye Bye 2oo9!

So it's a little premature, with an extra week or so left to go in this year, but I figured I might as well start up early so everyone can have a stab at this.

How has 2oo9 been for you? Did you just start lolita? Did you completely change styles? If you bought/made any pieces this year, which ones are your favourite?

I think this year has been one of the biggest lolita years for me so far since I got into the fashion about 3 years ago. I went from wearing mostly black/wanting to wear mostly black to finally being sucked into the world of super sweet XDD;;

This year, I was lucky enough to get/make for myself:
Black IW JSK, White AaTP blouse, BL pink heart buckle shoes and BL white boots, Black pirate skirt from BL and an AP rabbit winter JSK just recently.

Next year, I hope to have more of:
I'm going to San Fran in February, so I'm hoping to get a couple btssb print items! Also, I'm saving towards buying myself Angelic Pretty's Memorial Cake set, so I can have an entire matching outfit >D But in general, I NEED MORE SOCKS/ACCESSORIES~ XD;

My favourite lolita memory of 2oo9 was:
Having my best lolita friend miyavi_382 move to my city ♥ as well as the birthday party that kurasune had at this VERY fancy hotel for high tea.

beginning of the year

most recent coordinate!

Happy New Year, Everyone~

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