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Fall Photoset~

Recently, my friends Dorothy & Melody got together with me to take pictures in an autumn inspired
They both took pictures, so I've separated them by who took the photos~

For reference, I've cropped/ changed the lighting of a lot of these photos after receiving them, so if something sucks, it's likely my fault, not the photographers!

If you'd like to visit either of the photographers DeviantArt account, they're located here!:
Dorothy's DeviantArt
Melody's DeviantArt

This first set is by Dorothy S.!

Didn't mean to, but it kind of came out looking like one of those "Dead doll" poses, lol!

I liked how Melody did the lighting on this one!


This one looks pretty eerie, but I like the color palette!

Deer lost in the woods??

I like how it looks like the leaves go on forever!

Happy? SAD! I look so confused in these, I don't understand why! XD

This is one of my favourites! I like how she captured my pose!


I hope you liked her photos~
I think she is a really good photographer!

This second set belongs to Melody H.

"Dead doll," again?! It's really neat to see how 2 different photographers are given the same thing to work with, yet they come up with different end results!

"Deer in the Headlights"...almost?! Haha!

I really like the framing of this one!

I love accessory shots!

...And I love phone shots! (Even if my phone IS crappy and old...!)

I also love Melody's photos! I think both of my friends are really good photographers! (I'm pretty bad at it, so I respect good photographers! XD)


Dorothy, while taking pictures! She gets really intense with her positions, don't you think?! (Photo by Melody H.!)

& Melody, cramped behind a lamp, hiding from the shot! (Photo by Dorothy S.)

Cold out...

That's pretty much it for the photos!

Thank you for looking, and have a wonderful rest of your day! <3
Bye for now~

PS: I just opened a Daily Booth account, and it's a neat website for posting pictures.
I'll be posting a lot of lolita and normal photos there from now on, so please feel free to "follow" me on Daily Booth!

Figured it might be cool if other lolitas had a Daily Booth so that we can all see how each other dresses outside of lolita, too!!

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