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Dear Celine + Qcute/Qutieland review

Item under review: Dear Celine Misty Morning JSK + Capelet set in black tartan, Dear Celine Misty Morning Beret in black tartan
Service under review: Qcute/Qutieland Web Shop

I have to say, Qcute went above and beyond in terms of customer service. Here's what happened:

1) I sent in my email order form for the JSK in black tartan.
2) Qcute sends a reply + invoice.
3) Qcute asks me to provide the desired dress length measurement.
4) I completely screw it up by replying something wayyyyy too long.
5) Qcute looks at my height and the measurement and delicately informs me that it'll be hella long XD
6) I ask a bunch of questions, such as leaving off the front bow (it has a bigass bow at the waist in the stock pictures).
7) Qcute responds to all of them within 3-4 days very nicely and politely even though I waffle a lot.
8) I sent in an order for the beret in grey tartan in a HURR DURR moment.
9) Qcute quickly emails me to ask if I know what I'm doing since the beret doesn't match the JSK XD
10) After much confusion I switch it to a black tartan beret 6_9

To summarize - Qcute actually looks at the stuff you send them and informs you if they think something won't work out or if you look like you made a mistake. Very nice customer service!

Communication - 5/5
Shipping - 5/5 (items arrived in those traditional heavy duty bags, folded neatly inside another plastic bag, which is nice)
Overall - A+!

Now to the Dear Celine photos.

The dress. My bed was too ugly to drape the dress on, so I crammed it on my storage bench.

The back. I'm a little leery of the corset back since it looks a little out of place - it seems to be too low? Like it doesn't go up the back far enough. IDK. Also, I need a black grosgrain ribbon lol. The ribbon here is a little shiny and very long for some reason.

Closeup of the corset back. I can't help but think that shirring on the back instead of a faux corset would be so much nicer and more cohesive with the design, as well as easier to put on by yourself, but it's not a big bother.

Plush velvety bows. I like them; they're well-sewn and very cute. There are three anchor points behind each bow so they lie flat against the skirt, which is a nice touch.

Random loose threads. It's not the kind you can pick off either - it seems like they're just unfinished ends or something that I have to snip off. Not too much of a big deal.

This is the first ruffle tier. The ruffle is basically just a ruffle, not an underskirt, but the dress is already pretty hefty anyways XD

Ruffle attached to the smooth inner lining. Neatly sewn inner details make my heart go WHEEE.

Buttons on the front. I don't like these - they are very floppy and protrude too much, and they don't exactly match the JSK very well. But they are easy to replace I guess.

Here's the tag! It's a tag. Whoo.

Detail of the white trim running up and down the dress. It looks cute and it's well sewn. Also you can see that the tartan doesn't exactly line up, but I don't really mind.

EDIT - clarice explains why the tartan is actually quite well matched:

(And just FYI, it's actually impossible to line up plaid cut on the grain meeting cut on the bias. It meets quite nicely on the side seam where the zipper is, with both pieces on the bias, which means they're paying attention to that sort of thing.)

Sure. You can also tell they paid attention to cutting the pieces because the bias-cut side pieces match one another. The front left side lines up with the front right side, and the same with the back, and the front and back pieces line up on the side seams. It's basic good construction, but I'm sure there are some discount brands that aren't as careful and the plaid match in that first zipper shot is literally perfect (looks like the skirt matching is off by a couple millimeters based on that second zipper photo, but obviously that's not a big deal. It could be because of the shape of the skirt panel. ...Yes, I'm totally anal enough to look for and notice these kids of things :p)

I am a sewing noob, so this was really insightful xD

Zipper. One of those demonic invisible ones. I haaaate these with a passion, because even though they look nice, they always get stuck -

- right around the waist! And this dress is comfy on me; I can hold it closed no problem, but zipping this sucker up is annoying.

The fit. I was under the impression that it was high-waisted - unfortunately it's not XD Without shirring or something JSKs that hit at the natural waist look frumpy on me, so there you go. It looks fine without a blouse though, not sure why.

(Face obscured because it was blotchy from a treatment mask XD)

Note: You're going to need a mondo petticoat for this one. I'm wearing one that has stood up to other velvet skirts, but this one is srs bzness. Next time I'll just layer on another petti.

With the cape, looking a bit silly.

Beret. It's a beret! It's fuzzy and cute. No elastic on the rim though so it's a bit loose on my head. It would be much improved with clips or elastic to anchor it to your hair or something.

Again, very cute trim.

To summarize - It's a very nice dress for the money (975 HKD shipped, which was about US$100 when I paid them but rose to US$125 somehow today ~_~). It's warm, thick and yet not stiflingly so. It's comfortable and fits my measurements. And it's cute!

Construction - 4.5/5 (tartans don't match across seams, invisible zipper of doom)
Finishing - 4/5 (loose threads, floppy buttons)
Design - 4.5/5 (cute but not high-waisted XD)
Material - 5/5 (thick and warm and fairly sturdy for the price)
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