Arya (laiferr) wrote in egl,

New themes and Artwork

Let's give a big thank you to xmordecaix for supplying us with this months beautiful artwork. You can check out more of her work over at her DeviantArt ^_^ and with our new layout comes some new themes~

The General Theme for December is your favorite piece - 3 different ways!
This month, our theme is choosing your favorite piece and wearing it 3 totally different ways! let's get some inspiration going and perhaps you can try wearing something in a style you previously hadn't thought of, or usually wouldn't wear. whether you're channeling rockabilly or punking up your AP, we want to see it!

The Aesthetic Theme for December is Sparkles!

With Christmas around the corner and images of snow and twinkling lights in our heads (even if the weather doesn't agree) our aesthetic theme this month is sparkles. So take that any way you like, if it's shimmery we wanna see it!

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