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Loli Dates!

This relates to my earlier post about Lolitas and their significant others. The idea for this post is to help give Lolitas and those who love them ideas for cute dates, which can be fun for both parties.

1. Picnic!
Picnics are an excellent Lolita freindly date. You can have them any where you like, a park, the beach, my freinds and I have even picnicked on the stairs of the Met in NY. Picnics are great for Lolis because they are sweet and cute, the food can be prepared in all sorts of cute ways, and there is allways the cahnce of a sweet yummy dessert. Girlfreinds and boyfreinds of Lolis will like it because they get to enjoy a yummy meal and relax. My boyfreind LOVES when I cook for him. The best part is that picnic foods are usually easy to make. Try whipping up some sandwiches, cookies and a fruity drink! I like adding chopped fruit and juice to soda water, it's sweet and healthy!
2. The beach!
Build a sandcastle, go swimming, bury each other in the sand! Pack some icey drink and get a cute bathing suit and towel, cute sunglasses are also a must. I also found cute stickers which change color over time to let you know when to re apply sunblock. They're adorable and practical. Challange your special friend to a race, and make the loser buy ice cream.
3. Ice skating
Lolita dresses, cute socks and furry capes look great whooshing around on ice. Wear a cute coat and rent some skates if you don't own them. It's really fun and not all that expensive. Afterwards you and your BF/GF can cuddle together and drink gallons of hot cocoa. Rushong aorund on the ice is lots of fun, and it makes you feel graceful and pretty. If you aren't steady on skates, just think of it as an excuse to hold hands the whole time.
4. Mueseums
Yes, really. The smithsonian meuseums are really nice, and have plenty to offer people of any gender. I love history and art meuseums, they are cheap, pretty and often house cute cafes inside. Even boys can find some sort of art they like, and sculpture gardens are the perfect places to score some really cute photos togther.
5. Movies
Cute animated movies can be fun for boys, and don't let them tell you otherwise! I don't know a single boy who would say no to watching a good Disney or Hayoa Miyazaki film. The newer ones are really funny, and seeing them in 3d only makes them more entertaining.
6. Arcade
Going to an arcade is great because there a huge variety of games. Challenge each other to a game of Dance Dance Revolution, or play House of the dead. Bonus points if you're wearing Guro or Gothic Lolita when you do. Arcades can get expensive, but they're really fun. Air hockey is one of my faveorite activities, and the games can actually last a really long time if you're good.
7. Cirque de Soleil
I love the circus, but I know that some poeple are against the way they treat their animals. This is a great alternative, because the people are the show. The tickets can be a bit pricey, but I think it's worth it. Dress up in your best, get a good meal before hand and take in the magic. The stunts are amazing, and most of the shows have DVD recordings available.

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