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Vancouver Lolita Meet for December

Hey, Vanlolis : )

I know that a bunch of us already have plans for smaller group things, but it'd be nice to get together as the whole bunch of us and do something nice. It's too cold to go creeping around outside, now, so I've been hunting for some ideas, but it'd be nice to see what you ladies would like to do, too!

I'm completely done everything school as of the 12th, I think, but I (and others, I'm sure) would need to book off work for the day in order to go out. I prefer weekends, especially sundays!

1st idea: Chocolate Buffet

The Sutton Place Hotel hosts an all you can eat chocolate buffet every thursday, friday and saturday between 6pm - 8.30pm, or 8.30pm-11pm. It's $26.00 per person.

PROS: It's inside, it's fancy, and there's freaking chocolate everywhere. Like, as much chocolate as you can stuff into your face. Sounds like heaven to me.
CONS: It's fairly expensive (see: christmas shopping), and it's only held in the evening, so those who live outside of vancouver might have trouble getting back home.

2nd idea: Going for Tea!

There's plenty of tea places in Vancouver; personally, I've been to Adonia Tea House and to the Wedgewood. Adonia is cheaper and you have the option of ordering food, but the space itself is quite small, so I would not really consider having more than 10 or 15 people attend that meet. The Wedgewood is EXCEPTIONAL, they have reservation rooms, but it's freaking pricy. You get what you pay for, that's for certain, but it's close to $35 including tips. If anyone can think of anything in between, please feel free to bring it up!

PROS: It's tea, guys. Num num num.
CONS: :/ can be expensive ...

3rd idea: Photoshoot and Sushi?

While it might be cold, we could also have the opportunity to take some photos; I know a few of my photographer friends are dying to get some shots as of late. I'm thinking that we could possibly go up to SFU, since I've done shoots there in the winter and it's quite nice, and then catch a bus for some all you can eat sushi time! My personal favourite for all you can eat sushi is Shabusen, since they've also got the option to do some shabu shabu (YEY KOREAN BBQ). This would be more of an afternoon/early evening thing.

PROS: Two different parts to the meet so people can come to at least one thing (shoot or food), awesome pictures to take away from it, sushi is pretty tasty! Also, I think the all you can eat is MAX $22 at Shabusen, which is considerably cheaper than high tea and the chocolate buffet, plus you get food food, not finger food :D
CONS: cold. We'd have to bundle up a bit for this.

Throw ideas out there and we'll figure out something xD

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