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Got the wrong item

If it's not suiting to this communitiy feel free to delete this.

I recently ordered from Closet Child this Moi Meme Moitie Cutsew:

But as I got today my package from CC, I got this item:

I e-mailed CC because of this.
May they shipped someone else my cutsew, so if someone of you got my item, please contact me!

UPDATE: Yes, they shipped it accidently to another girl and we try now, to fix that. I sent today the blouse back to Japan and they contacted the girl and hopefully she sends it also back to them and I will receive my cutsew soon :3
Yay 4 CC!!

Does this ever happened to you?
Tags: *algonguins, *moi meme moitie, request: advice, store: closet child
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