sweetieloli (sweetieloli) wrote in egl,

Coordination Help/Picture Request: Mermaid Symphony

Hey EGL~

A couple of months ago, I bought (what I thought was...) my dream skirt! It was Angelic Pretty's Mermaid Symphony in pink. Now although I see and admire it every morning when I get dressed, I have only actually worn it out once! It's not that I don't like it, I just can't for my life coordinate it at all.

I suppose I need to mention that most of my closet is black angelic pretty, and perhaps I'm just not used to coordinating all pink items.

But the other thing is, this item is so... elegant (probably not the right word). It's so nicely made and it's really a show-stopper. It isn't made of the same material that AP uses for their other skirts. I don't know how to coordinate the 'elegance' of this.

Maybe I should just go OTT sweet for this outfit? I honestly just have no idea what I should do with this skirt, and have never seen anyone else coordinate it. :/ If any of you have any suggestions/ideas/pictures of yourself wearing this skirt please help me! I want to make a beautiful outfit with it... :/

Picture of the skirt for reference:

Tags: coordinates: questions
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