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Describe lolita fashion in a short paragraph

So recently I've been seriously considering making 'lolita style business cards' (info and calling cards) to pass out whenever I get questions about this frilly stuff I'm wearing. They would have a short description of the fashion and I'd deck the hell out of them in cute graphics and other useful info. (Cards randomly passed out to strangers to explain the fashion won't have my info for obvious reasons)

The only problem is, when thinking about what I'd write to descibe lolita, I just get a whole mess of ideas and what it isn't and explaining minor details and certainly nothing I could only keep in a short and sweet 6-8 sentances. On top of that, I wouldn't want to accidently write something the majority of lolitas don't agree represents the fashion well.
Maybe you ladies and gents could help me out here? How would you describe our frilly fanciness in just a few sentances? What else do you think I should include, like photos, brand names, etc?

I was also considering selling them if they turn out nice enough for people who don't have the time or energy to make their own. For qualities' sake, I'd get them professionally printed. Would anyone be interested?

On top of that, I really want to make calling cards to pass out to other lolis, (though I...don't think there ARE any other lolis here in Fresno, haha :cc ), if I ever get the chance to go to a meetup. What sort of info do you think I should include?
And...since I probably wouldn't be using them a whole lot myself, I was also considering taking commissions where I'd design calling cards for other lolis; everything from border types (really fancy things like lace, flowers, etc) to font type and just about anything you'd want on them. Maybe even little cute chibi drawings of the owner or itty bitty graphics of their hobbies, pets, etc. I'd get them professionally printed and mail them out. Would anyone be interested in those as well? I plan on having examples in a few weeks.

Thank you!
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