omfgwtflexilol (omfgwtflexilol) wrote in egl,

Altering Brand

Hello lovelies. I received an Angelic Pretty cutsew that I bought on the sales comm today thinking that it would fit over my 44" bust, since elsewhere I'm relatively tiny. Clearly I was delusional because even though I can get into it my chest pretty much takes up the entire amount of fabric on the top, leaving only a couple inches hitting just about at my waist and is not at all flattering. The upper arm area is a bit tight too, and I feel like if I had any room to give there I would be able to move the shirt down a tad and give my girls more room to breath. I'm fairly handy with a sewing machine but I've never set about doing any alterations before, so I was wondering if anyone had any resources or advice on the matter? I used the search button and didn't find much. Thank you much. <3
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