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Review: fanplus friend coat and minkyshop shoes

I recently bought a coat from f+f and shoes from minkyshop and I thought it would be nice to review my experiences and hopefully it will be useful too.

Fanplus friend coat review
I have been looking for a lolita winter coat for a while but since I can't really afford a brand one I decided to look at fanplusfriend.
I really liked the look of this coat
I searched egl for reviews about the sizing of F+F but didn't find anything helpful and I know other lolitas like this coat too so I thought I'd write a review.

First of all I looked through their website to see if there was any sizing info, I found a size chart that stated that for all ready made items the measurements given were for the actual garment and not bodysize. This was important because I bought an instant shipping item instead of a custom made coat. I was undecided which size to get but after seeing this I decided to get a size 10 and not an 8 and it turned out that was a good idea as I think the coat comes up a bit small.

Ordering and dispatch time
I ordered my coat on the 7th November but then got an email a couple of days later stating that size 10 was out of stock and it would take some time before it was available. I decided to wait but asked them how long it would be, they said a few days which was good.

I finally got my coat on Friday and my first impression was good but there are a few flaws and things I didn't like so much.
The cluny lace on the front of the coat was not all in one piece and it had been folded and not serged or anything so it was fraying
The ties on the hood were REALLY long, they reach almost to my knees and without the hood on the coat you can see all the buttons which attach it on the collar which looks a bit odd if you wanted to wear it without the hood.
It came with velvet bows and a fur collar too, the bows are a bit wonky but the most dissapointing thing was the collar. I thought it attached to the coat but it doesn't, its just a short scarf really with a couple of hooks to fasten it which don't work that well and come undone easily. All these things are fairly easy to put right, I have shortened the ties and fixed the cluny lace and I plan to add ribbon ties to the collar.
I know lots of people want to know how warm coats are and if they will stand up to a cold winter but I don't think this is up to a cold winter like they have in say Canada. It says on their website that its made from wool/ wool mix but the coat has no label and to me the fabric seems thin.

onto the photos



close up of the cluny lace

bows and collar

the hooks on the fur collar, these are a bit useless since they wouldn't stay fastened


Quality: 3.5 /5 The fabric is on the thin side and there were flaws and a couple of things I didn't like
Communication: 4/5 they were slow to tell me the item was out of stock and then to tell me how long it would be
Value for money: 4/5 While the coat is nice I think it was a bit on the expensive side for what it is and the quality of the finished coat. I paid $200 plus approx $40 for shipping

Minkyshop shoe review

I have bought from Minkyshop (an ebay seller) before and have liked thier service
This time I ordered some AatP style shoes look here
Minkyshop were really friendly and answered all my questions quickly
The shoes took about 3 weeks to arrive and they were packaged in their original box inside a plastic parcel bag
My first impression of these was good, they remind me of AatP or MmM style shoes.
The only thing I could find fault with was the scallops because they are not cut that cleanly but thats all

If anyone knows what chinese brand they are that would be helpful ^_^
My guess is miranda shoes but I'm not sure


Quality: 5/5 Really nice quality even with a few rough scallops
Communication: 5/5 They were really plesant and awswered my questions quickly
Value for money: 5/5 They cost £32 which I think is a great price
Shipping: 3.5 /5 The shipping was expensive at £20 but I suppose thats normal for ems

I would recommend Minkyshop especially now they have lots of styles in thier shop including secretshop.

I hope you find this review helpful

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