Hime (mrs_gackt_camui) wrote in egl,

Your opinion on a situation with Mashimarogirl?

Hello girls.

A while back I made a post about how long shopping services like Qcute and MashimaroGirl generally take to get your item. I had my questions then answered, but now I have another pertaining to Mashimaro Girl directly.

I remember some girls told me it too a long time to get the item(s) they ordered. I also recently read the review on Bleak Saints and their boots, and guess who I used Mashirmaro girl to order from?

I contact Mashimaro girl after reading the review, as of course, I am quite worried about the quality of the item, and how long it is taking to get my boots. Mashimaro girl had replied to an email I made before about how long it was taking to get my item, and I found my boots have still not yet been received.

After the review on the poor quality of Bleak Saints boots, I sent them another email asking that if the items were not of the quality excepted if a refund could be given. I also asked for a refund if the boots where not received by the 1st of December, as I have quite honestly waited long enough for my boots (It's been since the end of August now and I was told it was only 30 working days for my boots), and I am moving and can not have the boots lost in the mix up of address changes (after all the shipping trouble with Clobbao I am NOT going through that again) Clarification: I will be moving between 3 homes over the course of the next month, so I don't want things ending up at the wrong address and then never getting the boots.

I was informed after a few emails that they would try to see if the seller would do a refund, but have sense heard nothing on the matter. (It's obvious I will not have my boots by the 1st)

I understand being busy, but the only time I ever get any answers is after I send emails, not the other way around.

So my question is, has anyone else had this trouble, and how was it resolved? Do you think it is wrong to push for a refund? After all it's been 3 months now, I was told 30 working days for my boots, and they still claim to have not received my boots, so I know there is no way I will get them in time.

Thanks in advance.

Tags: !attention buyer/seller, !banned sellers/members, !scam alert/possible scam
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