amenoo (amenoo) wrote in egl,

Art Post - a bunch of art!

So Ive done some pictures I thought I should show you ^^ The cut leads you to Melty Chocolat, Sweet Chibi Friends and art for my hatbox ^^ Hope You'll enjoy it ^^

So first out we have Melty Chocolate

It was made for the wonderful Emilia (don't remember her livejournal username). So I drew a portrait of her, in her gorgeous Metly Chocolate dress ^^

Second we have two sweet style chibi friends ^^ They have this sweets theme on their dresses ^^

And as a bonus, I took a photo of a loli girl I drew to put on my hatbox (its a boring big carton)
Unfortunately, the colors looks all washed out, It looks much better IRL

Thank you for looking ^^ <3
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