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There are no Lollitas whatsoever in this country!

Good day to everyone.
I'm not sure if I posted this already, but I am in need of help.
I live in Kuwait- where fashion is probably the most important thoery- but I havn't been able to see any style of Lollita anywhere. I know for sure that there are people who know the style, but I've been told that I am the first person to actually wear the style in public.

As you can see, it's not very easy to arrange any Lollita meetings anywhere I know. I am not sure that I am able to contact any Lollitas in EGL because I can't really see that any member lives in the same country..

So, EGL members, if you see any members that come from Kuwait, please let me know-- and most importantly, thankyou ever so much for taking your time to read and help me out.
Tags: discussion: locations in lolita, discussion: lolita sightings/roll call
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