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Art Post: Angelic Pretty Milky-chan art, part II

Hello again, EGL! :) I'm not sure if this entirely relevant, but since my last art post had such a great welcome, I decided to make another one which is something like a sequal to my first one "Milky-chan with a twist". This one is a lot more cuter and a bit more normal, if you will. It doesnt exactly include a lolita, but it is lolita themed, as I continued with the Milky-chan theme. So, here we are! If the moderators find in it irrelevant, feel free to get rid of it.

I did a little bit of digital linearting with this one. It's a kind of a tribute to Milky-chan.
Yes, I'm in love with that creepy cute print, and I'm not afraid to say it. :,D
Too bad all the deer ear headpieces were sold out. :< /end of creepy

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