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Issues with different whites

fuck anonymity, I need help.

Okay, so I was the one who posted that one secret about being obsessed with cleaning in L_S, and turns out I actually did fuck up an object of mine. It would probably be unwise to follow my own intuition this time so I ask you guys for help.

You see, it would take too long to tell the whole story, but basically, after seeing some mysterious, tiny stains in my BTSSB totebag, I tried washing them out... and while they actually did come out, I found some other stains from the pink towel I had dried and rubbed these stains with.
I was too rushed to take the former stains out in case these were of a hazardously permanent material [they looked a bit like oil, and I reckoned it was indeed oil, since I had this bag in the car, right next to my feet and where the door opens and closes], so I just picked a random towel to blot and rub these stains with.
I tried washing them with baking soda, detergent and soap, and yeah, they came out too, but after washing, re-washing, re-re-washing, I-don't-know-how-many-times--washing, brushing and rubbing the stains, I realised that the spot where stains were was actually whiter than the rest of the totebag, which is off-white-to-cream unlike what I had thought it was in the first place.

And you know, it's bloody annoying to see a difference of colour between the spot and the rest of the bag, so I was wondering how I could make the rest of the bag as white as the spot is! The totebag has a big heart print with jewel studs on it, and the spot is a very very crisp white, probably due to rubbing the zone with a mix of water and baking soda.
What would you advice me to do if you were in a situation like this one, without damaging the print of the totebag?

Thank you so much, girls!
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