kurodatenshi (kurodatenshi) wrote in egl,

Looking for photomanipulator

I'm looking for a photo manipulator who's had experience or is willing to try to manipulate photos to generate a lolita/fantasy/nature setting. I took some photos at home in a lolita dress owing to lack of time to look for suitable scenery and horrible weather, and my home is not a good place for a lolita shoot, hence I'm looking for someone who can sorta photoshop me naturally into some good scenery XD

My photos aren't great stock material though due to excessive use of flash, super amateurish posing and bad backdrop, so a certain amount of skill is going to be required to edit them XD

I'm willing to pay for professionally done work. If you do photo manipulations or know someone who takes requests or commissions, drop me a PM with some samples of your works if you have them. I'll show you my photos and then we can discuss the terms further.

If you're wondering what photomanipulation is, check this out.

Thanks in advance!

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