Chaser (kehn_shorah) wrote in egl,

payless shoe find!

(info on is here)

so i went out to buy Oblivion and ended up with a pair of shoes. dunno how THAT happened...but my mom payed for them so i'm not complaining!

these adorable oxford heels cost about $25, and they are totally worth it! they're very comfy and easy to walk around in, and the heel isn't too high. (i got half a size bigger so i could put my insoles in them to make longer-wearing days more comfortable)

i always took a look at the other oxford boots, but i didn't like that they were patent so i never gave in to buying them.

however when i found these, joy of joys! they were EXACTLY what i was looking for. they're good for the price and pretty well put together. and because they're from payless, there's a variety of sizes too ^-^ the only downside is that they only come in black, but that wasn't an issue for me since i really only ever buy black footwear.

i can take some pictures worn if anyone wants them-- just lemme know. hope some of you ladies find this useful!

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