cidien (cidien) wrote in egl,

Hello Kitty Phone

I know that there was a post kind of like this a few months ago but I can't seem to find it.
I am looking for a new cellphone, and taking the advice I rememered from the previous hello kitty cell phone post, I looked on ebay.
I found this phone
I think it looks really cool, but the whole fact that its a) $50, b) has iphone apps makes me kind of question whether its a decent phone and c) the seller has no feedback on this particular item even thought they have many for sale.

I am really looking for a cute phone, perferably hello kitty, has touchscreen or keyboard, and has wifi (this phone I know does not but for the price I could live with that)

So I am asking since hello kitty kind of goes along with lolita, does anyone know anything about this phone? Is it decent or am I getting what I pay for?
Is there an other decent hello kitty type phones I can purchase that maybe meet my criteria?
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