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Hello Kitty!

The Hello Kitty 35th Anniversary Project was in town so off we went!

sassystrawberry, ivoryfox and raydance went in rori and I decided to be more casual as I was self-designated photographer-san =D

Everything was just SO CUTE at the exhibition and so fun playing the games!

Welcome to the land of the famous Kitty without a mouth.

The no photo and video signs were everywhere but everyone there were blatantly ignoring them, including us.

There was a mock Kitty Cafe but it got me does a cat without a mouth eat??

"No!! Don't jump, Kuromi~ Even if you're not as well-known as Kitty!"

Quickie shot that turned out a bit blurry but here's one of those machines used for the game~

How I wish these were real and it really was a working hair-salon, haha!

Hello Kitty JR Line~

Kitty ipods

Group shots taken by a guy friend! Who spent over $90 worth of Hello Kitty goods, hurhur.

What we wore including cat ears (in order to be one with Hello Kitty)~

I'm a bit more casual, I know, lol (plus no ears).

And for completing all the games under 35mins, you get a....*drumrolls* Hello Kitty Good Citizenship Badge!

Random skirt shot:


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