Linds Ham. <3 (oxxcyanidexxo) wrote in egl,
Linds Ham. <3

Sorry if this has been found, but, poor AP Royal Poodle Rep on eBay?

As I was browsing eBay, I stumbled across this listing for what seems to be an AP replica of the Royal Poodle one piece dress... They are selling it in Pink and Black.

Have you guys seen this before? Was it made by a Bodyline type company? I know I had never seen it before, but I was curious to know if egl had come across it as well...

Part of my dark mind wonders if the fabric is terrible quality cause if it were NOT $95.00 I would rip it up to salvage the fabric.

Anyways, sorry if this is a repost of any kind, I will gladly delete if it is. :D

Here's the link:

Anyways, enjoy, haha.

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